Bright ideas for better Lighting

Couldn’t resist the pun, sorry/not sorry! Updated light fixtures are the jewelry that make your home stylish AND brighter — making it more valuable when you sell and more pleasant to live in before you do. Here are some beautiful inexpensive ideas to dress up your home with great lights drawn from the most recent 2 years of making home staging recommendations and design renovations. #lightstyles #bestlightfixtures ##homelighting #modernlamps #sputnik chandliers #kitchenpendants #diningroomlights

family room staging
family room design and staging
Lamps Plus modified swing floor lamp for a modern look
column floor lamp, Lamps Plus
beautiful elegant yet modern table lamps, chrome finish; Lamps Plus
classic pull cord table lamp — ideal for buffets and consoles as well as bedside nightstands; Lamps Plus

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