Do I need to renovate my kitchen and bathroom(s) to sell?

The answer is . . . it depends. On what kind of shape the fixtures and cabinets are in, on whether they can be “spruced up” by glazing (as in a bathtub) or painting (cabinets) and swapping out new hardware for old or new faucets for old. Most buyers really want and will pay more for granite or marble countertops and vanities, so those improvements will make a big difference in getting buyers’ attention. MirrorMate frames are a great way to add stylish wide frames to existing “builders special” mirrors in bathrooms, without going to the trouble of taking out old mirrors (especially large ones) and replacing with new framed ones.

Kitchens and bathrooms always sell houses more than any other room, so unless your whole house is being sold as a fixer-upper, it is wise to do some sort of remodeling, but not necessarily a full renovation, on older baths and kitchens. You will likely get at least 100% back of the inexpensive fixes described above. For a full remodeling, Remodeling Magazine reports that kitchen and baths will return around 72%, on average. But that doesn’t include the speed of selling and the greater interest that remodeled rooms will generate in the house.

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