Increase Your Home’s Value with Easy Updates and Changes

I tell every staging client that “light and bright sells homes.” Think about what you would be more drawn to — a dark, cave-like room or one with lots of natural light and views? That’s how buyers feel too!
A few years ago when I was home shopping in Morris County, I toured a home for sale where NO lights or lamps were on, all the drapes were closed, and I had to actually ask the homeowner to turn on the lights so I could see where I was going in each room! The dining room was painted dark red and the living room brown – painting these would have been easy fixes to greatly increase the desirability and value of the home to buyers. Roughly 90% of people cannot visualize homes looking different from what they see!

Here are just 6 of the many easy and inexpensive ways I recommend that will raise the value of your home and make it look much better in photos:

• Choose neutral and trendy paint colors that fit your home’s finishes
• Lighten the window treatments (or even remove if privacy isn’t an issue)
• Use slip covers to cover up patterned, dark, out-dated sofas and chairs
* Update light fixtures — get rid of faux Tiffany pendants, Hollywood globes above bathroom vanities, and dining room “Colonial style” lights!
• Buy trendy new bedding and shower curtains
• Add mirrors and/or metallic accessories in strategic locations

Buyers prefer updated homes that follow design trends! I know what purchases to make and advise what works best with each home’s finishes. If the budget allows and the homeowner desires, I am also happy to suggest how to update the fixed items (cabinets, flooring, appliances, etc.) as well to get even better offers! A $250 consultation (agents ask about preferred rates) covers this and many other topics (de-cluttering, styling with furniture arrangements, how best to display art, accessorizing, choosing paint colors where needed, inexpensive updates with hardware or tile — even painting tile — creating better curb appeal, etc. ) and is a small investment that always features a great return on your biggest asset when it’s time to sell.

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