Does Your House Leave Buyers Feeling “Cold”?

I’ve seen too many modern houses — and some not-so-modern — that are painted all-white, have loads of white cabinets, white ceramic floors, and the only other colors tend to be stark black cabinets or furniture, or pink-veined countertops or bathroom tile. While neutralizing colors can be a very good thing, when you go the other direction with huge expanses of stark white walls and floors, the effect leaves most buyers out in the cold. In this case, I recommend warming up a few select rooms, such as the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom, with warm or cool tones chosen to coordinate with any other existing colors or features (brick or stone fireplace walls, for instance) or furniture. Beiges, gray-greens, toned-down soft yellows, or the currently popular pale gray colors often work well, depending on other elements in the room. Part of my role as a stager is to bring fan decks and help you, the seller, choose the “right” colors that appeal to buyers and work in your home and lighting.
Warmth can also be increased with the right lighting choices, as well as adding colorful textiles, such as area rugs and accent pieces, including pillows, throws, florals, vases, candles and holders, and other decorative items, which I can purchase for you, with you, or you can rent from my inventory on a monthly basis.
Here’s to creating a warm, inviting home that makes buyers feel at home!

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