Staging Should be Classy, Not Corny!

Staging a house successfully involves creating the lifestyle that buyers aspire to . . . minus the overdone, cutesy or corny touches that scream “I’ve been staged! or worse “give me a break.”
Staging “don’ts” include:
* rose petals floating in bathtubs or strewn on a bed — talk about forcing a romantic cliche!
* towels or curtains tied with ribbons
* fake “love” notes left on tables or beds
* champagne glasses on trays on beds
* cute collections of stuffed animals, ceramic animals, bird houses, or pretty much anything! The point of staging is to AVOID clutter and personalized taste.
* slippers placed by beds or chaises to imply relaxation — I don’t think footwear of any type appeals to most buyers
* any kind of wreaths — except tasteful ones on Christmas — on doors or on walls
* scarecrows/dolls/ducks/figurines/statues, etc. posed anywhere inside or out
* outdated “dream,” “imagine,” heart signs, or cute/funny signs of any type — including “Go Away” welcome mats
* scarves used as valances or draped on bureaus
* tablecloths — they’re old-school. Use more elegant runners instead, or in a kitchen, show off the beauty of the wood or glass table and keep it simple and clean-looking!
* a sea of candles and/or decorative pillows in bathrooms and bedrooms — less is more!
* miniature or small-sized decorative items of any kind — they always look like clutter instead of decor that has true impact
Keep your eye on the goal: luxury, not tackiness!

7 thoughts on “Staging Should be Classy, Not Corny!

  1. What’s your thought on a beautifully set table? I guess that would be clutter too. A friend of mine always has her dining room set so beautifully and I love it.

  2. Fern, I consider a beautifully set table a bit over-the-top, especially in an occupied home. But a gorgeous, “WOW” centerpiece is always great. Thanks for commenting.

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  4. Ive been recently following weblog for any thirty days approximately and still have found a lot of information as well as liked the strategy you’ve set up your website. I’m trying to operate my very private blog site however. I think its too standard and that i should give attention to lots of scaled-down matters. Being everything to all or any people isn’t all that its cracked as much as become.

  5. You’ve just made my day (and week and month!) Leone! Thanks for that compliment on both my website and my expertise — I do feel I’m an expert after 3.5 years of doing this, and completing my interior design certification, as well as taking color classes and always keeping up with staging and decorating trends! I must apologize for not noticing this comment for so long.

  6. Hi, Lemuel, yes, it’s pretty impossible to be all things to all people. Sorry I’ve been so negligent about replying — I didn’t notice any comments for most of the last 6 months until tonight.
    Good luck with your own blog site!

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