Staging Should be Classy, Not Corny!

Staging a house successfully involves creating the lifestyle that buyers aspire to . . . minus the overdone, cutesy or corny touches that scream “I’ve been staged! or worse “give me a break.”
Staging “don’ts” include:
* rose petals floating in bathtubs or strewn on a bed — talk about forcing a romantic cliche!
* towels or curtains tied with ribbons
* fake “love” notes left on tables or beds
* champagne glasses on trays on beds
* cute collections of stuffed animals, ceramic animals, bird houses, or pretty much anything! The point of staging is to AVOID clutter and personalized taste.
* slippers placed by beds or chaises to imply relaxation — I don’t think footwear of any type appeals to most buyers
* any kind of wreaths — except tasteful ones on Christmas — on doors or on walls
* scarecrows/dolls/ducks/figurines/statues, etc. posed anywhere inside or out
* outdated “dream,” “imagine,” heart signs, or cute/funny signs of any type — including “Go Away” welcome mats
* scarves used as valances or draped on bureaus
* tablecloths — they’re old-school. Use more elegant runners instead, or in a kitchen, show off the beauty of the wood or glass table and keep it simple and clean-looking!
* a sea of candles and/or decorative pillows in bathrooms and bedrooms — less is more!
* miniature or small-sized decorative items of any kind — they always look like clutter instead of decor that has true impact
Keep your eye on the goal: luxury, not tackiness!