Top 10 Staging Mistakes Sellers Make

1. Vacant Rooms – Did you know? Only 10% of buyers can visualize a space! Vacant rooms appear smaller to potential buyers and raise concerns regarding furniture placement. Don’t lose out on 90% of the buyers – stage it!
2. Self-Staging – With access to so many resources with tips for selling your home, including TV, the Internet, and DIY books, it’s easy to misinterpret the information provided in these resources and apply these techniques incorrectly. Every home is unique and should be staged as such. Certified Home Staging Professionals are trained to deal with all types of challenging rooms and have the solutions to help your house make a lasting impression.
3. Dark rooms, out-dated frilly or “fussy” window coverings, broken or “colored” blinds are all turn-offs to buyers. The preferred window treatments for living rooms and bedrooms are to-the-floor simple drapes, kept pushed to the sides for all showings and photos. If your room lacks good natural light, add modern floor or table lamps and keep them turned on for all showings. Light and bright sells homes!
4. Bare Walls – Many properties lack wall decor. Homeowners commonly suffer from a fear of commitment – to artwork. Afraid to put holes in the walls until they find that “perfect piece”, they find themselves years later with an incomplete room. Wall furnishings help to pull the room together and provide a warm, “cozy” look and feeling. Pictures of nature appeal to the most people. Anything personal should be removed.
5. Staging AFTER Listing – You reach the greatest number of buyers within the first 2 weeks that the house is listed on the market – be sure that you make the best first impression possible by showing your house at its absolute best from the beginning.
6. Too Much Furniture – When selling your home, less really is more. Ensure that furniture and other items are not interrupting the proper flow of the room. Too much furniture will make the room look smaller.
7. Odors – It’s often difficult to detect odors in your own home, but if you have pets, previous moisture damage, or smoke cigarettes or cigars in your house, these lingering odors will raise red flags with potential buyers. Avoid covering these with artificial air fresheners and instead work to remove the source. Remove pets from the property during showings at least, fix damaged areas, air out the house, paint the walls, and smoke outside. Charcoal and fresh ground coffee placed discreetly in attractive containers, even in vases with faux flowers, and refreshed every several days, can go a long way towards eliminating odors.
8. Poor Listing Photos – If your Realtor does not include professional photography as a part of your listing package, consider investing in this yourself – 90% of home buyers shop online first! Make sure your home is properly staged and prepared for photography. You’ve worked hard to set up your home to sell, be sure that this comes through with quality photos as well.
9. DIY vs. Hire a professional – Realtors, mortgage brokers, lawyers and home stagers all have the training and skills needed to help you with your home buying and selling needs. For updates or repairs, hire a skilled trade professional such as a plumber, electrician, or general contractor. DIY has its place, but when it comes to selling your largest investment, it’s best to leave it to the pros.
10. Cleanliness – When listing your home for sale, ensure that it is white glove clean before your first showing.

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  1. Home staging is essential if you want to make a good profit from selling your property. I concur that most buyers do not know whether the size of the rooms would be suitable for their taste. This experience taught me how to find a good realtor and stage my home on the local listings. You should always provide a clear description of the property that you are about to sell. Thanks for these tips; you’ve made some excellent points in your blog.

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