Staging and Decorating For the Holidays

We all want some sparkle and warmth in our homes for the holidays and to brighten up the dark days of December. Just keep the Christmas theme toned down and opt for fresh (or faux) greens plus one or two colors mixed in — red, silver, or gold are perfect — for a shimmery, high-end look. Those colors can be in the form of candles, placemats, runners, (stay away from tablecloths and show off the wood or glass of a beautiful table instead), berries, glittery “dusted” pinecones, or floral centerpieces. Keep the “cutesy” Christmas decorations (like giant nutcrackers, dolls, signs) packed away when you’re trying to sell your home, because those items can be overkill and distract from the selling points of your house. A little goes a long way in decorating for a holiday that is not universal, and you want to be careful to not turn off buyers who celebrate other holidays.
More and brighter lights are particularly welcome at this time of year to counteract the longer nights and colder days in most parts of the country. White outdoor lights are a great, classic choice for bushes and doorways, as is a white spotlight on a front door with or without a wreath.